We are one family.

This site is to try and link all Crabtrees of Irish birth and those who married into the family and theirВ children whose roots lay in Ireland. The completion of Scots born Crabtree is also now placed herein. From Ireland, Scotland and England, the Crabtree family emigrated to the world.

Due to the lack of records in Ireland, it is quite hard to place relatives together. The following information is as correct as possible. If you have relatives born in Ireland and can offer further information please contact me.

В Best wishes

Nadine Crabtree

From small beginnings by John & Magota Crabtree of Blyndeshagh in Yorkshire in the 14th Century – and Amanda Crabtree from Kettle Fife Scotland who married Archibald de Bethune in 1420 and produced the 3rd Earl of Bethune John de Bethune – the Crabtrees who flourished in Argentina, Jamaica, Brasil, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries, welcome indeed. With special thanks to the Crabtrees of Arkansas without whom this page would never have been forthcoming. AN IRISH GATE – NO REALLY!